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Kin-Yoobi Con 2009 ( Anime and Video Game Convention )

by Kareem Jackson of GZR.

[Upcoming Anime Conventions Video Posted at very bottom]

As some of you may know we just held our 3rd annual Kin-Yoobi Convention in Hayward, CA this year on August 7th and 8th. The first day was dedicated to casual/hardcore gaming, tournaments, panels of composers (such as the audio producer of Dead Space), video game screening, and free bbq. While the second day was jammed pack with Vendors (who sold manga, artwork, plush toys, key chains, actions figures, and much more), anime theater, collectible card gaming (from Magic to Yu-Gi-Oh), artist galleries, live performances, cosplay competitions, cosplay date auctions, karaoke, wheel of fandom, guest such as voice actor from Power Ranger's Lord Zedd, magic shows, and an amazing amount of other events.

I'm glad that this years was a complete success and hope that everyone is able to make it out to the next one (to be announced). I know some of you are scratching to get your hands on some pictures and footage of the convention. We're still working on gathering and editing everything but for now we have a small collection of pictures to show bits and pieces of the convention. Please continue to check back for updated post with bigger bundles of pictures and film of the con.

Enjoy -
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