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Kin-Yoobi Con 2009 ( Anime and Video Game Convention )

by Kareem Jackson of GZR.

[Upcoming Anime Conventions Video Posted at very bottom]

As some of you may know we just held our 3rd annual Kin-Yoobi Convention in Hayward, CA this year on August 7th and 8th. The first day was dedicated to casual/hardcore gaming, tournaments, panels of composers (such as the audio producer of Dead Space), video game screening, and free bbq. While the second day was jammed pack with Vendors (who sold manga, artwork, plush toys, key chains, actions figures, and much more), anime theater, collectible card gaming (from Magic to Yu-Gi-Oh), artist galleries, live performances, cosplay competitions, cosplay date auctions, karaoke, wheel of fandom, guest such as voice actor from Power Ranger's Lord Zedd, magic shows, and an amazing amount of other events.

I'm glad that this years was a complete success and hope that everyone is able to make it out to the next one (to be announced). I know some of you are scratching to get your hands on some pictures and footage of the convention. We're still working on gathering and editing everything but for now we have a small collection of pictures to show bits and pieces of the convention. Please continue to check back for updated post with bigger bundles of pictures and film of the con.

Enjoy -
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Video Games

Wheel of Fandom

Live Preformances

Drawing Competition

Date Auction

Anime Conventions


Anonymous said...

date auction was fun! =)

[ StrawberiiStarz ] said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog...^^;

Wow. Where would I start about conventions? I've gone to AnimeExpo three times, it being the largest Anime convention in the nation... It's amazing. I've gone to other conventions too like Fanime. I plan on going to AOD(in SF), Fanime, Ani-Jam(small con in Fresno,CA) and San Japan (I'll be moving to Texas next year...).

What I love about cons is the atmosphere. I love the excitement and happy con-goers. I love seeing others cosplay and I LIVE TO COSPLAY! XD

Also, I love the masquerade..it really gives people an opportunity to express their creativity! I also love when there are games to participate and panels. I was even asked to be a panel at the next Ani-Jam. Since it's a smaller con, not a lot of experienced cosplayers go and I guess the hosts of the con liked me and my costumes so much that they asked me to be a guest. :) So..that's pretty cool ^________^

Um. Sooo many pro's...not many cons. I suppose waiting in lines suck, but that's life. Also when a convention isn't organized right or well, but sometimes it can't be helped I suppose. D:

I hope..I someone helped?? ^^;; I could say more but it's hard to write it all without writing a novel.

Foxberry said...

This is Dana from Foxberry's Convention Report on blogger.com, you've recently sent me a few questions on my blog,

Hey, I'm part of an organization name GZR that host Anime and Video Game Conventions, Tournaments, Contest, Interviews and Reviews, and more events. We are currently looking for feedback and people who share a common interest in either anime or video games (if not both). Part of our feedback is finding out the Pro's and Con's you've seen in cosplaying and anime conventions? What you would like to see at conventions? And also what conventions you've attended or plan to attend, if any? The feedback would be greatly appreciated and will help in bringing together anime fans like yourself. Thank You.

I'd be happy to answer your questions.

A few of the pro's and con's that I've seen through my various experiences with conventions would have to be;

Pro's: -Unique experiences from all conventions, no one convention is the same.

-Interesting events, usually there is one or two events that blow my socks off, so to say.

-Wonderful attendees! I can usually find people to relate with no problem at conventions and events.

Con's: -Organization with the staff. Usually there seems to be some sort of conflict at least at one event for every convention I've gone to. I've recently attended yaoi-con and I ranted a little on that in my latest blog.

-Attendees, while some are wonderful there are others who are con creepers or fangirls who love to glomp and break my spine. Nothing the convention can really do about the attendees other than cracking down with security! ^_^ And outright banning glomping.

-Snarky staff members, while not a huge issue all the time I have ran into several people who think that they can treat con attendees how they want because they hold power in the convention.

What would I like to see at conventions? More interesting events! I love panels to say the very least, informative things always keep me on my toes. I'd also like to see glomping being removed from conventions if possible and stricter staffers when it comes to this. I have seen more hurt and trouble come from glomping in my convention experiences to see that glomping is not a good thing.

Conventions I've been to: Animazement 09, Kinyoobi 09, Anime Destiny 09, and Yaoi-Con 09
Attending in the future: Animation On Display 10, Cherry Blossom Festival 10, Fanime 10 OR Animazement 10, Kinyoobi 10, Anime Destiny 10, Yaoi-Con 10

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!


Amber said...

Hey, you recently commented on my blog asking for feedback about Kin-Yoobi. Were you asking me or the girl that commented me? Because I'm on the planning committee, haha.

Amber said...

I'm on the planning committee for the 2010 convention. xP I've already given you guys my feedback.

Lisa Carol said...

The costumes in the pictures are awesome and so it the blog!

ワリス said...

Whoa! Didn't know there was a GZR blog until I went to Amber's page XD Awesome job guys! Snagged some of the pics someone took of my group and I! Thanks!