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Free Xbox 360 Video Game Contest

Most of you that have made it this far know that we're throwing a Xbox 360 Video Game Contest on youtube
Increase your chances by having your friends enter.

We will first be announcing the winner through this Blogsite, then making a video to show proof of the contest results. We would love for you to click the Follow button on the right hand side of this page to receive all of our updates first. We hope to bring you more reviews, interviews, contest/giveaways, and keep you updated on all of our events. Please spread the word about our organization, because all the support is greatly appreciated.

And last, GoodLuck to all that enter!


N said...

Ah, sweet. :D This works! Well anyway, hello, this is a cool blog, I'll have to check it out some more when my eyes aren't being all hurty and such.

gami3it said...

thanks for the comment. odst was a disapointment but on the upside fire fight is fun.

gami3it said...

i was never a fan of the cod games. all the graphics are identical. and i never played the first left for dead.
im actually looking for a good rpg game. or somthing cool. they should make a pure live gime where its like WoW but owell wishfull thinking.
what did you think of the chronicles of riddick escape from dark athena?
it was fun the first time around but had no replay value.

gami3it said...

yea have you seen the video for the game dantes inferno?
that game looks pretty bad ass.
yea hopefully it will be.
have you heard anyhing good about
dragon age origins.?

Vyque said...

I believe I used this tutorial to make a three column layout: http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2007/07/create-three-column-blogger-template.html

Anonymous said...

Reply- hiya! no i haven't gone to one and on going to one i'm stuck in between, and i can't tell you why- can't explain anything to save my life, and I'd perfer not to give you a headache. bye^-^

miss carly said...

hey thanks for the comment on the blog. yeah waiting for the new modern warfare to come out. i was quite good at cod4 but then i stopped playing due to uni and whilst i can still win the games im nowhere at the standard i was. maybe when the new one comes out i will have to make sure i can kick all the guys arses again. cause that was fun. teheh. guys hate losing to a girl. :)

dont think il participate in the contest though. sorry. not enough time in the day. will def follow though :)

miss carly said...

sorry to disappoint i only play cod4. i have played halo3 and thought it was pretty crap. i didnt like it one bit. cod5 was okay. i guess. but i preferred cod4. i knew all the maps and preferred the ak47.

im not too worried about the difference in graffics etc on modern warfare two. those things dont really matter to me.

yeah sure. if i get on during the day and your on of the night is really the only chance. im not an night owl lol. {im an aussie}. my gamertag is udderlygorjuz {i dont think there is a space - cant quite remember - if it isnt that il let you know - im not a gold member atm. i havent played in a while.}

saku chan said...

uh i cant say really sorry personal but yea im just flying out there to spend time with some family friends we have they have tickets so im going and sorry i dont know what made it bad it just did although i did get my t shirt signed by the band the night before that was awsome uh and it was oni con in texas im going to the one in japan in march and the cherry blossom festival is why im going to japan but hey thanks for asking questions

Anonymous said...

Hello friends,how are you today ? I hope you enjoy this day.

Windforce said...

Ban my blog?
no, that download is COD:MF2 PC version, does nothing to do with xbox360, plus, there are plenty of downloads like this in China, it's prevailing, that download link was forwarded from the most famous game downloading website in China, I'm sure mirosoft doesn't want to fuck with china~